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Most Valuable company ever


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how true is that 7.4 trillion figure. Having some doubts there. They were making like 2-300 billion$ a year? It seems that if you maybe look at bread or land then this figure is true. But the price of a lot of other things was very different back then because we dont have the infrastructure we have now.


Travelling must have been more expensive? Finding luxury goods, because of much higher transportation costs and risks.

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Quite an interesting read. I can see how $78m could inflate to be $7.4 trillion now. I wonder if the author did the calculations for Dutch Guilders to something to dollars and then did the inflation jump or just forgot about the currency changes and did "78 million dollars in 1650 is how much now"?


Anyone know how much 1 Dutch Guilder is worth today?


I can very easily imagine the founders of the company were stupendously wealthy and powerful, but I'm rather suspicious of the size. 15x more valuable than the largest company on the planet today?

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