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Is there a 13F equivalent in Canada?


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To the extent TSX-listed companies are SEC registrants / US-listed, holders will include them in their 13-F.


For non SEC registrants, as you say, 10% is the threshold for an "early warning report", but there is no regular updating requirement if the ownership stays above that level. OSC is discussing whether to conform disclosure requirement level to the 5% threshold.


Other than for mutual funds that report their positions on a regular basis, there is no "13-F" style disclosure requirement for Canadian funds.

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These filings are located on SEDI (https://www.sedi.ca/)-- a horribly unusable site.


Canada really needs to shape up on this front.


At one point I was going to write to my government representative to complain. SEDAR and SEDI are 1996 developped sites and maintained at a price for tax payers of about 5M a year. This is overpaid for something I could do in my basement in a week's work.


BTW, you can buy shares of the company that manages SEDI and SEDAR.



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Guest notorious546

Is there any update to this? There are a few funds where I would like to see an update holdings for(13F type stuff)


i dont thinkso

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