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  1. Visa bought a punk this morning. Floor now ~224k.
  2. The answer was not very long, and it's worth WAY more now. Punk floor is about 144k right now.
  3. Nftfi is so cool. Basically a smart contract that sits between both sides of a market: 1) Holders of premium NFTs who want access to capital. 2) Holders of capital who want to loan their capital, with an asset backing the loan.
  4. I would call that a 22% discount to NAV, not a 78% discount to NAV, like you said in the other post. I do also think that number isn't accurate. I follow @grayscaletrust on twitter for my up to date grayscale discount/premium numbers.
  5. This thread has too much discussion about bitcoin and not enough about ether. Bitcoin is an amazing invention (I have owned since 2016 and spent a long time thinking about and discussing it before finally buying) and has permanent OG status but you can do so much more interesting shit on the ethereum network than you can on bitcoin. That gap is only going to go up. How many of the people in this thread who are completely dismissive of crypto have ever even used metamask? A revolution is unquestionably happening. The amount of disintermediation and automation that crypto allows is immense, and that will have huge negative ramifications for lots of non-crypto-native companies and industries. You genuinely don't have to learn about it and profit from it if you don't want to, but it is not going away and it is only going to do more things and gain more adoption.
  6. I think its trading at like an 7-8% discount right now not 78%. You should look at what their litecoin trust trades at if you wanna ponder about why one of these things is priced wrong. I think its like a 1600% premium
  7. Chances of death are very low but you can still get very sick and incur permanent damage to your lungs or organs. Even if you are healthy. Not just theoretical, I know someone 40ish and healthy and fit that had this happen. They have lung damage, it's permanent. They also went through complete hell for 2 weeks. Israel has vaccinated over half their population and haven't reported any issues. The pharma companies aren't based there so they have no reason to lie about the effectiveness. I feel at this point it's quite a remote chance the vaccine is more dangerous than covid. The exact same thing is true for the flu. Do you think everyone should get innocolated (yearly flu shot)? The IFR for covid-19 is about 2.5x that of the flu. The r0 of Covid-19 is about 66% higher than the r0 of the seasonal flu.
  8. Because only sith deal in absolutes
  9. Don't know about OP, but this could potentially be a good idea so OP also learns from the process
  10. Selling half my GIII I bought last March
  11. How long before a floor punk is worth more than a Bitcoin? World's best NBA bettor just bid 2.1 million for an alien punk and the bid was not accepted.
  12. I don't think any of the stocks I own are gonna outperform CryptoPunks over the next decade
  13. Just finished this as my first book of 2021 and I very much enjoyed it. It had the type of thesis statement that I was worried I'd read the introduction and feel like "I get it," and then after that find the entire thing repetitive, but it kept the examples and angles fresh.
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