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  1. Mr. Buffett bought preferred shares of GE back in 2008. Considering GE has been a powerhouse business for half a century - he has been studying the business since he was in the womb (exaggerating but you get the point). If there is anyone on the planet qualified to purchase shares or an entire business unit - its Mr. Buffett. I'm curious like all of us could he/would he buy some assets from GE. I sleep easy thinking that if there is an opportunity at our price, Mr. Buffett will execute. My hope is Mr. Buffett is discussing his thoughts on transaction with Gregg and/or Ajit. Thinking in terms of perpetuation. The GE spin off is a great learning opportunity for managers to see - complicated and complex with tax implications. Interesting to ponder - no doubt they got a call on something GE related.
  2. really great take. changed my thought process on the DIS sales (twice). thank you for sharing.
  3. thanks for reminding to stay within my circle of competence.
  4. CovePoint was part of the Dominion purchase. I see Pipelines as "Axes, Picks, and Shovels" of the oil/nat gas biz - great way to get exposure to the sector without taking on the commodity risk. The shut down is probably Greg Abel investing some capital into the pipeline to make it run better - my guess.
  5. Why buy bonds? Berkshire does not buy bonds for cash flow, they buy for store of value. and interest rates can only go up which means the price of the bond goes down. Agree, doesnt make any sense.
  6. I have been thinking about Disney and Berkshire. Here is an investment that came into his world not once but twice. The first time he salivated the purchase was when DIS was selling at a "Multiple of Rides" - great line in one of his letters - getting too old to look in my files for the exact year and quote it word for word. Then he got a second bite of the apple when CapCities merged with Disney and he was able to extract more value from the transaction with some warrants if I remember correctly. Sold it both times! I have gotten better at letting go of my errors of omission/commission and there's shred of doubt in my mind Mr. Buffett sleeps soundly but to think of what could have been.... Any lessons from the wise CornerCrew on why he sold or lessons learned from the Disney error? An allegory or two would be appreciated.
  7. Mr. Buffett and Mr. Munger have always been quoted as saying "No company ever went out of business having too much cash", however they forgot to mention what to do in an inflationary environment.....Schiller P/E at these heights scares me for sure. Where do you put money?? I just keep saying to myself, trust quality and invest in great businesses - things will be good over the long term. LASTLY - I stopped looking at the P/E ratio on BRK a long time ago. The websites/algorithms crawling the data can not seem to get the Class A/Class B share distribution correct so the algo takes financial data reported and divides by share count of the A or B and mis-reports a P/E ratio and any other per share ratio. I stopped worrying about P/E ratio on BRK so I don't even know of a website/source that does the math correctly. wish I could recommend one to you.
  8. I didnt see this until now however the post says it was uploaded on Wednesday. seems like there was a delay on my end. Feedback for Parsad.
  9. My math is a little different: Count as of Dec 31 Class A equivalent: 1,543,960 Count as of March 31 Class A equivalent: 1,525,655 (Count reduced by 18,305 shares or 1.2%) Count as of April 22 Class A equivalent: 1,522,371 (Count reduced by 3,284 shares or 0.2%) TOTAL BUY FROM DEC 31 TO APRIL 22 21,589 Class A equivalent shares or 1.4%
  10. I listened, and your sentiments are correct. Same old stories, nothing new. Seemed like he took an outline from The Snowball.
  11. 3 hour podcast about Berkshire - Titled Part I. I haven't listened start to finish but wanted to share: https://overcast.fm/+Faxl9ffQE
  12. Understood on Gates Foundation being gifted B shares. I knew that. But to circle back, wouldn’t Gates Foundation, under mandate to dispose of shares in 12 years, naturally give BRK first right of refusal on the shares gifted by Mr. Buffett ? My point is 30% of the entire firm will be sold 12 years postmortem. That’s a certainty. So we already know the volume will be there - just hoping the price is right. And wouldn’t Mr. Buffett anticipate this and provide a rough plan to execute. I always have thought about this - interesting. Hope he loves to 100!
  13. Barron's article is interesting - fact is volume is up to 2000 shares a day since Mid Feb. Whether Mr. Buffett is the buyer is not where my mind goes (obviously I hope its BRK buying). My question is more who is selling into that kind of volume on the A? Longtime A owners or flippers, I guess we wait and see. I have long thought about the 12 years post Mr. Buffett. Why would Gates Foundation sell back into open market - wouldn't it be so easy for Gates Foundation to sell out to BRK.A. Is there regulatory issue perhaps. Some gifting law I don't know. I have not been so much concerned with price as much as I have been concerned with lack of liquidity (2020 was not slouch at $24B). Anyone else thought of this?
  14. I was poking around last night and found this link: https://www.nextlevelinvesting.org/mungerstories/ It is from Daily Journal Annual. Text shows dialog and has timestamps for corresponding video. Pretty neat. Mr. Munger is laughing so hard. That guy is just bigger than life.
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