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  1. I really enjoyed HBO's Sharp Objects. Great writing, complex characters, and a wonderful cast (Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson killed it w/ their performances). It's a mini-series (~ 8 episodes), so not much commitment either.
  2. Have a tiny position that I bought in 2014 to attend the annual meeting, been holding since
  3. Here's a conversation between a young daughter and her mother: Daughter: Mommy, how old are you? Mom: It's not polite to ask a woman her age! Daughter: Mommy, how much do you weigh? Mom: It's not polite to ask a woman how much she weighs! Daughter: Mommy, how come you and Daddy got a divorce? Mom: Someday when you're older, we can talk about it. Daughter goes through mom's purse when mom isn't looking... Daughter: Mommy I know how old you are, you're 32! Mom: Yes, but how did you know? Daughter: I saw it on your driver's license. I also know that you weigh 145lbs! Mom: Yes... okay... Daughter: And I know why daddy left you, because you got an F in sex!
  4. Nice pun..intentional or not. I have absolutely no idea what differentiates any of these marijuana companies from the rest of them. While I indulge once in a while, the business site of this is way outside my circle of competency. I was so hoping someone would catch that :D
  5. I'm also in agreement with this. I think the vast majority of pot stocks are garbage but there might be nuggets here and there where you can find something great. The biggest problem I have with seriously pursuing this is the issue of Canadian investors who own cannabis-related companies having problems crossing the border... Hopefully this will change? https://www.thestar.com/news/cannabis/2018/09/18/canada-us-urged-to-compromise-on-cannabis-at-border.html
  6. It makes sense that if you have to pay off your $70K student loans you'll have less money for a down payment and will then have to delay home ownership. Tuition was nowhere near this high 20 years ago.
  7. This will definitely go deeper. Everything from dating to illegal social gatherings encompassed by the social credit system... https://www.wired.co.uk/article/china-social-credit
  8. AMZN down like 3% today. I added to my position
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