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  1. Thanks for the feedback - re ads we do not intend to have ads in the future. We plan to offer some paid premium features such as an advanced search we will be launching which allows you to search across news, filings, transcripts, etc. As for the financials tab, we will be adding % change and % margin type stuff in the future. We may add logarithmic price chart options in the future, but to be honest, it appears that the default most people want is just the standard nominal price chart - so this would likely just be an option if we add it. Perhaps this might change with adding the logarithm option. We will give this some thought, thank you for the feedback and hope you enjoy the product.
  2. Will be launching on product hunt tomorrow so if anyone is a member there would appreciate any and all support! Thanks everyone who gave the beta a try, working on incorporating everyone's feedback. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/atom-finance
  3. Right now unfortunately it’s only US exchange listed stocks so no foreign or OTC, but will be adding those soon
  4. Thanks for that feedback, on our list of things to fix.
  5. thank you, any help evangelizing is greatly appreciated!
  6. I’ve been helping with a new financial research platform for researching and tracking stocks and the market overall. It just entered beta. I thought some here might find it of interest. The sign-up is https://atom.finance and the invite code is betavip. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. as someone who is in VIC - my advice is this - read thru 15-20 of the pitches from the 3 months old period - get a feel for the style and what sectors / themes are in vogue - it's impossible to judge performance ex ante so they just go by whether your idea "fits in" so to speak - so my advice is try to goal seek for what is popular on the site
  8. thats a really interesting point about this stuff becoming self-fulfilling - it's a feedback loop in a way. I've never thought about it like that but thanks for opening up my perspective. It makes a ton of sense. The more the MoMo stocks work, the more funds they raise, and the more money flows into those stocks, and the more they go up, etc. That said, this likely works the same in reverse, probably even more quickly.
  9. calling his recent performance due to "value investing" not working is misguided imo. like others have mentioned his longs and shorts have done poorly. also plenty "value investors" have been flexible and adaptable enough to adjust and go long AMZN. AMZN has literally none of the components of a good short case - one of best ceo's of all time, customers love the product and ecosystem, tremendous market power both as a buyer, supplier, distributor, etc. Long-term focused CEO on creating shareholder value. You can definitely argue for a lower valuation of AMZN, but then you are just trying to time the cycle and basically doing a broader SPY / NASDAQ short call, which could be better expressed by just putting a few percent of the portfolio in leap puts. The only potentially defensible "bubble short" he has on as you can make a real case of fraud, etc. But even then, why choose the pain of fighting against someone who will give everything he has to keep the company alive. I'd much rather short some poorly run cyclical business that's overearning where the CEO is apathetic because he is on his way to retiring. I think their performance will likely continue and there is a decent chance Greenlight RE is forced to unwind by regulators or downgrades by the ratings agencies. A turn around would imply that all of the sudden his shorts will all crash and his longs will rally but I don't see how its possible for that to happen without a major market crash. If AMZN is down 50+% I would bet that there is a big market correction underway (barring some crazy black swan event at AMZN like accounting issues or something like that), and many of his longs which are low p/e, lousy cyclical businesses would likely do very poorly as well. So maybe he would "outperform" the market and be down 10% in a 20% correction, but I think the odds of him making up the recent massive underperformance are very unlikely.
  10. hey guys. someone reached out to me who is building a fintech platform trying to comb data from SEC filings. https://shareseer.com/ right now it pulls K's and Q's which I know other services have, but it also has an interesting machine learning tool that tries to pull out the important parts of the risk factors section. curious if anyone else has any suggestions for interesting ways to use machine learning on K's and Q's; some thoughts I had initially were maybe trying to help use machine learning to inform the qualitative side of making an investment decision but would appreciate any additional feedback.
  11. at the risk of getting laughed out of the room in a value-oriented investment club... think the STZ deal does make this a "real" industry now. valuations obviously seem pretty high when you have these unproven enterprises trading at or above the tev / sales levels of high growth SaaS companies, which themselves could be argued are expensive. one I've just started looking at that seems interesting is Green Thumb Industries - seems to be much cheaper on TEV / Sales vs. Tilray and this company actually has exclusively U.S. exposure through state licenses vs. many of the peer stocks which are exclusively Canada. Also the founder / current CEO is a professional investor and the grandson of the founder of Jim Beam. Currently at ~30x TEV / run-rate sales which is obviously high relative to any company, but that said revenues grew 300% YoY and 25% QoQ. The long-run question which remains up for debate is whether these end-up being commoditized businesses in the long-run or whether they end up being classic CPG businesses or bear substantial resemblance to alcohol / cigarettes in terms of profitability and brand power. While demand is definitely there, it does seem like there is an onslaught of supply coming online as well and I have seen some stories about a supply glut in different regions. https://business.financialpost.com/cannabis/jim-beam-heir-turns-to-pot-with-plan-for-a-cannabis-empire-1
  12. some stuff i found may be helpful: https://ii-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/share_advisor/splreports/II_SR_Jim_Chanos_Masterclass__Dec_14.pdf https://www.scribd.com/document/31880626/Notes-from-Jim-Chanos-Presentation-at-the-CFA-Institute-s-Annual-Conference
  13. I used to think the Twitch sale was dumb when I first read about the Justin Kan guy but now I realize how smart the deal was. Seems like the Instagram equivalent deal for AMZN. Wouldn't be surprised if its worth $15+bn in the not too distant future.
  14. Anyone looking at esports? One company I think is interesting is MTG which is undergoing a spin-off transaction which will unlock its esports pure-play subsidiary. https://www.mtg.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/MTG-company-presentation-June-2018.pdf
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