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  1. Revision: I mentioned that WealthSimple is 17-18% of Power but post transaction with the raise will be around ~10%.
  2. That’s definitely another way to play it. Since it’s a beer money investment, I thought I would go with Power. I was able to snag some Jan 2023 @ 40 calls for 0.50 each. Secondly I think lion electric can be another way to boost value. I don’t think the discount will narrow but rather the value of the business will increase more than what’s expected and even without the narrowing of discount, share price will increase. Either way, we will be able to find out soon enough with this quarter’s earnings and the next raise sometime in the next couple of months. Nothing happens, one could exit
  3. Lion Electric debuts today. Power owns 36%. Amazon has an option to purchase 20%.
  4. Criticize his performance, but criticizing an individual is just poor taste.
  5. Did it make you feel better to write that? Apology accepted but to call him washed up versus his performance is poor is... worst than being washed up. You're not the only one to say that and many others posted on the board too - hence this post is not to single you out. I don't often or really care to come to anyone defence, unless they're truly defenceless and Francis Chou is not defenceless. There's a reason why people stick with him regardless of his multi-year underperformance and I suspect it's due to his character - not many refund fees when the world is melting and facing massive
  6. Thanks! I’ve reviewed it before, passed because of the major shareholder and a PE at that. Typically it was always prone to take under but I may take a small position though!
  7. I always liked the setup but unfortunately major shareholders and a PE at that scares me the most. Never had great experiences, as similar plays were prone to take under. Even if it goes to $2B, can one feel confident it will all go to us commoners/common shareholders? Congrats to all the longs! A fantastic pick by all of you.
  8. With steel prices on the roar - won’t EAF go up with it?
  9. Thanks for posting. I completely agree with your post, it's nice to have another angle at this name. Just to add to your rational - even if WealthSimple reverts to fair value, at the end of the day the stub price will not be affected theoretically (markets can overreact). Again they only invested $315M total, less than 1% of their market cap.
  10. Valid Points. I just don't think the market is right in valuing Power Corp at the same valuation as 14 years ago, especially with WealthSimple. By the market's logic 14 years ago, Power Corp should be worth the same, but with an additional $4-5B for WealthSimple. Secondly with WealthSimple, investors are not valuing it at cash-flow. Cash-flow now will be close to nil, but doesn't mean intrinsic value and know-how is not being generated. Plenty of investments with nil cash-flows but turned out stellar investments, such as Shopify, Tesla, Ballad Power (even with the 20% drop today and 60% f
  11. Less than 11x earnings. Pays 5% Dividend. Less than Book Value So what ValueInvestor? It's been trading as such for years! Well - their Fintech investments and sustainable energy have a lot of surprises, so much so that WealthSimple is now almost 18-22% of Power Corporation in 7 years! Bought a meaningful amount of calls, as it was mispriced. However thought I could share an idea that I think is so plain that many may miss it. Bet is do you think it will trade meaningfully less than book? Anyone who's in Canada knows that the new generation are not a fan of the
  12. Drew-down big time @ 28x EBITDA. However most of these businesses are reinvesting into their businesses heavily hence metric is a bit deceptive.
  13. This is probably the most suspicious security I ever purchased... IIRC. Although there maybe a valid argument for a stock dividend for a float where 55% is owned by majors and the rest by the public for all intensive purposes. It's been more than a year and been reviewing my holdings. Although I wished that I did not purchase in light of other opportunities- even with the 20%+ move today. I maybe selling soon, I found the SG&A + SBC almost 75% of revenues to be ludicrous at first glance - ROH (return on headache) is not worth the hassle.
  14. I didn't think I would be holding GoEasy for such a long period, but it's a stock that consistently surprises. The LendCare transaction seems synergistic and they've been purchasing stock opportunistically. Multi-bagger at this point, and yet I don't think it's expensive yet.
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