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  1. Why CNTWW as opposed to NYSE: AMR? I was in contura before they changed the name. This is so strange, I'm sure there's a reason?
  2. I recant my statement of implying it's not broken, but not accurately saying this board gets better and you're right, the freeloaders can complain about not having a free lunch, when lunch is right in front of them, well we can't do anything about that!
  3. Exactly! I thought so too, but a few people whine and gripe about the quality of the posts. I don't really see a decline, but an increase, especially in terms of how people think and view investments. For example, I learned a bit by reading your posts beyond idea generation. IMO, if one really wants more investable viable ideas, they should pay for it or hire an analyst. At the same time, I also realize that some are dropping off because there's not a lot of new "ideas." I think that's not a benefit, as it's in my experience, they have businesses or are execs of businesses and can provide real insight on the topic at hand. I'm fine either way, but I don't think we lose much by crowdfunding a monthly award and awarding it to the best idea of the month. One it may attract new users, and provide new ideas, which will bring about new discussion. Sometimes I feel this forum is a bit insular, and I can effectively predict how particular users will respond to a specific posts. It's kind of comedic and fun in its own way haha. Anyways, it seems that many are not passionate about this (neither am I) - I guess why fix something that's not broken right?
  4. Some say they would want to buy a beer or treat people to a meal on this forum. This allows that.
  5. I think that's different. I think this should be an open forum, and there shouldn't be a paywall. I don't think people are necessarily here to be paid for their research. It's work to develop a following - I'm saying let's remove the friction. Just as twitch streamers get paid for great streams, maybe we should start not necessarily paying but "donating" for a single post or awarding an idea from a crowdsource fund. That way great content brings great contributors, or vice versa.
  6. A friend of mine, a frequenter of the forum remarks that my posts are sometimes reminiscent of a 10 year old's book report. I laugh because I agree, but I always thought it was not my "duty" to do the work, but rather provide insight on a topic that can lead one to the right direction. I never really used this forum for idea generation, probably only got one or two ideas from the forum. Also my investment research less calculative but involves more thinking and doing (such as trying out the products), hence I can't easily copy/paste my notes. However, I seen really good posts that has a lot of research backed, but I don't necessarily agree with their conclusion. Either way, if there's a way where I can contribute to a fund, where we can award the best topic or directly "donate" to a contributor to really show my appreciation of them as a contributor, I see no reason not to do it. Hell, it may be a greater investment than some of my posts/contribution. We can even have a part of that fund or donation towards the website to subsidize the operation and if it's big enough, improve it. I know that I spend a lot researching investments, and whenever I think of posting my entire research, it's easy 10 pages going from business to comps to unit economics. This is coming from a person who doesn't believe that they're research oriented, so it means complete research for anyone one of you could easily go passed that and I'm willing to pay for it. This doesn't mean that I expect going forward that many posters will rush at a change to monetize on their posts, hell, I wouldn't as I have other priorities. However, I'm sure that there are other posters who has constraints from time and money, and may post more, if those constraints were loosen. If not, I'm sure it will attract more posters from varying backgrounds with hopefully wacky ideas. So yes or no? Any reason not to do it?
  7. Power Corporation SNC Lavalin Facebook
  8. Criticize his performance, but criticizing an individual is just poor taste.
  9. Did it make you feel better to write that? Apology accepted but to call him washed up versus his performance is poor is... worst than being washed up. You're not the only one to say that and many others posted on the board too - hence this post is not to single you out. I don't often or really care to come to anyone defence, unless they're truly defenceless and Francis Chou is not defenceless. There's a reason why people stick with him regardless of his multi-year underperformance and I suspect it's due to his character - not many refund fees when the world is melting and facing massive redemptions. Do I see why he made those investments? Yes. Do I necessarily agree with it? No, in fact, I wholeheartedly disagreed relative to other opportunities. The very reason why RFP, Exco, etc. went up this year, could also be the reason why it goes down. Does that mean he's washed-up? Far from it. I think he's getting started. Not many can double down, let alone stick with an investment after repeatedly being bitten from it. Many espouses Benjamin's and Warren's philosophies' but few practice it - myself included. Reading his letters during his underperformance was a treat and I respect his conviction. The only fault that he has in my book is his love for bargains, and as he's admitted and I paraphrase, there were stocks that were priced at 100 cents/dollar but truly were worth 150 cents/dollar and others priced 100 cents/dollar but were really worth 70 cents/dollar. Frankly, I've seen people rave about RFP @ $28, BB @ $50, Valeant @ $200 (I bought it at $200) but many not raving it when it's at a 10th of it's all-time high price, and this would be fine if they admitted they were wrong or be sympathetic when other share the same fate. I really hope the numbers Prasad put out is true, because it probably meant he averaged down over a long period and multiple times. That's alone is what I believe 99% on this board, even the world do not have the wherewithal/fortitude to replicate.
  10. Ahh.. makes sense! Thought there was a particular metric but it seems it was a confluence of them.
  11. What were the technical analysis that you touched upon? By the way - thanks for alerting the board at the time, wished I've seen it!
  12. How many are sticking to the lessons that you've learned in 2020?
  13. SE with my SNC Lavalin Proceeds - but I think net still same exposure still the same. I was 150% long, now just 100% long.
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