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  1. Ugh. Yeah. When I first moved over to IB, it was cheaper and now the rates are the same.
  2. Damn. Now I feel stupid for moving my account lol Thanks for the info!
  3. Do you have to renew your discount with Schwab every year? They basically matched IBKR for me, but they were only willing to guarantee the rate for a year. Merrill will negotiate if you do at least 100k. It's 2-3x IBKR's rates, but better than nothing. They don't consider IBKR a competitor so you need to show a statement or offer from another brokerage.
  4. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! It's good to hear that there are solid residential tenants out there. I'm guessing I only hear the horror stories, because people only vent when something's wrong. (Seriously, it seemed as if everyone's tenants were growing marijuana.) But it definitely sounds like the appreciation might be higher for residential. I haven't really looked at what our building's worth (the tax would be too high if we sell,) but our annual rent increase is 3%.
  5. The family only has 1 building so 100% Covid has made me realize that I never want to do residential. My mom has a friend who started the eviction process on an unpaying residential tenant before covid. Because of the moratorium (and possibly court delays,) the whole process took almost a year.
  6. Yeah, VZ definitely doesn't have a rabid following, but they've consistently had the best coverage for a long time. I think Sprint beat them for a while 10 or 15 years ago, but since then, it's been VZ all the way. Funny thing is that I've seen multiple people who carry 2 T-Mobile phones, because 1 always doesn't work, but T-Mobile is so cheap they can't resist. I haven't tried AT&T recently, but I remember calls always dropping 15+ years ago. I do like how AAPL's users are not as price sensitive as say, Android users. If they want an app, they'll buy it without really looking at the price. Regarding Bank of America, I was thinking of the 2.625% cash back card (with preferred rewards.) I'm a new user, but I can't believe how fast it's all added up. Of course, it can't beat the Amex Gold, which gives 4x points on restaurants and groceries, but it's a good supplement. I think Chase has worse customer service than Amex and Citi (not sure about BAC,) but they do allow you to transfer points to domestic airline partners without charging taxes, unlike Amex.
  7. I agree that VZ has a higher income customer base than AAPL. If someone doesn't have AAPL, you can chalk it up to them preferring Windows or Android. But if someone doesn't have Verizon, unless it's being provided by work, they're basically choosing to get worse service in most parts of America. Your post made me realize the stickiness of BAC due to their preferred rewards program. Only AXP can beat their credit card offerings and not everyone accepts AXP. COST might be another company to add to the list.
  8. Blumkin opened the new store because her family kicked her out of the first one. Iirc, she would bump into her employees with her wheelchair to get them moving. I never heard the smoking story before lol I like the story of Munger at the dmv. The person wanted medical records regarding his blindness. He didn't bring any, so he took out his glass eye and put it on the table.
  9. Gah. First, they get rid of the stretch ira and now he's eyeing the step-up basis?!
  10. It *might* be difficult to hire right now, since a ton of people are on unemployment and not many would willingly take the risk to bring the virus home to their loved ones. Just to give an example of how hard it might be - I was trying to negotiate a bill a few weeks ago and the person offered me a job.
  11. Same. I don't have prime, so Walmart's free 2 day shipping really helps. I also feel like the products are in better shape, because Walmart doesn't have as many 3rd party sellers and they're stricter on returns. But I have to admit, even without prime, my last 2 Amazon orders have all been delivered within 2 business days (whereas it used to be 10-14 days before.)
  12. *removed* made a mistake. He's still listed.
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