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  1. Picked up more Great Notion beer, this time the Ripe IPA, has to be one of the all time greatest Hazy beers. Anyone else drink Hazy IPAs?
  2. X2. Great Notion has some fantastic Hazy IPAs. The last few times I’ve been to Portland, I can’t hardly remember going through TSA at the airport, courtesy of great notion beer. They are absolutely fantastic. I have some Juice Jrs in my fridge, but the Over Ripe is my favorite. I'm a sucker for them. There's others in Portland that are really good but GN does the best work in town. What do you visit Portland for? Work? Family?
  3. Drinking some Great Notion hazy IPAs, they're here in Portland and make some of the best beer I've ever had.
  4. Capital Camp has been releasing speeches that were given during the conference last summer. They recently added Michael Mauboussin's along with Dan Rasmussen and Josh Wolfe. Here's Michael's:
  5. I've been a subscriber of his writing for a while, always interesting and in-depth writing. There's a lot of really good newsletters today, fascinating how much more writing has come out thanks to tools like Substack. Who else do you read? I'm a fan of Matt Clifford, Trevor McKendrick, Warren Ellis, The Profile, A Media Operator, Divinations, and a few Stratechery articles although I'm not a paid subscriber.
  6. I'm fascinated by this micro private equity/permanent capital space a la Brent Beshore, Chenmark Capital, Syrus Partners, etc. where there are investors building portfolios of private companies and would love to hear from any of these investors who might be on CoBF. I've been putting together a small project to learn about this space and I always love connecting with these investors and learning from them. Anyone open to chatting?
  7. KKR was a new holding for Greenhaven. 2018 Q4 below: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5498841ce4b0311b8ddc012b/t/5c4bc50842bfc120277fb927/1548469513395/Greenhaven+2018+Q4+FINAL.pdf
  8. I have a podcast on micro private equity and I offer free transcripts of all my episodes. I will say it is work, luckily I've found a good transcription software where I upload the audio and it spits out a transcript, but I still have to reread it and correct/format/rewrite a bunch. A one hour episode takes 3-4 hours to transcribe, sometimes longer if I get distracted. Some podcasts sell their transcripts, but I figured if I'm offering the podcast for free, it doesn't make sense or seem fair to sell the written version of something I gave away for free. TLDR: Making transcripts is time consuming, but they can be helpful! ;D
  9. On Tuesday I published that podcast episode about search funds, I think you might find our conversation useful in your potential acquisition! Hope you enjoy it: https://www.thinklikeowners.com/podcast/2019/2/4/team-from-searchfundercom-tlao-ep-3
  10. What's the name of the podcast? I'd take a listen. In the US I think the seller financing can stack on top of the SBA loan (maybe up to a certain percent?), I'm not sure if you can do a totally no equity deal. It definitely keeps the seller's interests aligned with the buyer. It's called Think Like an Owner and my site is thinklikeowners.com. I'm releasing the next episode tomorrow, it's an interview with that Searchfunder.com team and we go over search funds and their evolution, super interesting! I love learning about this space and put together this podcast to find people doing interesting things in micro private equity. Part of the goal is to build relationships and learn how to eventually do it myself in the future, and sharing those conversations along the way for free certainly helps. I hope you like it!
  11. There are search funds that do this sort of thing, that's one aspect of entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) and there's a site called searchfunder.com which acts like an online community for the space. I actually run a podcast on this micro private equity space because I find it so interesting. A lot of these deals include seller financing so as to give the owner some incentive to show you the ropes for the first year. The rest comes from SBA type loans and investors.
  12. I'll be traveling to both of these cities on March 3rd through the 8th and would love to connect if anyone will be there during that time. I'm especially interested in meeting anyone in private equity/micro PE. Thanks ahead of time!
  13. I'm curious on what you see as the value proposition for the guests coming onto your show. I recently published an episode for a new podcast and I'm writing an article about what the guest gets out of the interview. So far I've got: - time for reflection - scaled conversation (essentially an infinitely scalable coffee meeting) - if you have a similar conversation many times, why not have it once and have deeper conversation sooner? - self promotion - offer due diligence materials for others Would love to hear what else you have in mind.
  14. I just put together a website for my project and I've posted the first podcast episode with Trish Higgins from Chenmark Capital in Portland, ME. Constructive, I asked your question in the interview, thanks for the suggestion! Let me know what you all think of the episode, would love to hear your feedback. It's not on iTunes yet since they need to verify it, but I'm able to post it in the meantime. https://www.thinklikeowners.com/podcast/2018/12/2/trish-higgins-chenmark-capital
  15. Anyone have the pdf of this interview? It doesn't look like it's available anymore. Edit: found it, see attached if interested. Josh_Tarasoff.pdf
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