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  1. Added a little more Blackberry today - at almost double my cost base. It seems that folks are coming to understand the quality product still on offer by the team at BB.
  2. First big purchase of 2021 has been C3.ai (NYSE: AI) Great company who is skating to where the puck is going.
  3. Picked up Domino's Pizza shares ~$430 and $445 October 9th calls. First time taking a position in these guys.
  4. Wrote calls on $KOLD. I suspect the November 2020 NG gas contract to follow the October contract downwards.
  5. New positions in Smartsheet SMAR and Teladoc Health TDOC. Smartsheet has preformed well in a crowded market and personally think it is a great product. Teladoc is a company that has aggressively cornered their circle of competence... and I love it.
  6. Added Dundee Precious Metals - Being able to buy these guys on Friday below $10 was a treat I'm not sure we'll see again for a while.
  7. DPM - Dundee Precious Metals - Adding KL - Kirkland Lake - Adding
  8. DPM - Dundee Precious Metals... Adding NGD - New Gold Inc... New position
  9. What precautions do you need to take to store/handle uranium? Uranium investments get interesting once you reach critical mass. You have to diversify to avoid the blow up. It is a regulated material so you have to protect and secure it. I would suggest putting it in your right front pocket and at night sleeping with it under you pillow. ;) I've found lead wool blankets (https://marshield.com/medical-shielding/lead-blankets/), but I can't seem to find lead pillow covers anywhere. Weird. Too bad MarsMetal wasn't publicly traded...
  10. Gold, silver, copper, and uranium. Can I still be a value investor if these are my core holdings?
  11. What about a career/job section?
  12. ITP - Intertape Polymer Steady business... Should get back to the $17 range pretty easy from here ($13.50)
  13. He is one of the best and clearest thinkers around right now. Here are two other videos that I just recelty watched. The Logica papers are also a very worthwhile read.
  14. Anyone looking at Canadian O&G? Taking a sniff of CPG
  15. Yeah, Major Drilling. Great outlook. The have rigs going back to work (that where shutdown do to Covid) and more contract working coming - this should lead to some real pricing premiums on their part. Miners are very antsy to get holes in the ground to increase reserves this summer - especially amongst the group that will be looking at the M&A route in the future. I am not convinced that the writedown at last earnings was really necessary but it has helped to pick up shares below $5 - I think the RBC price target of $6 is on the low side.
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