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OT: companies that refer to employees as "team members"


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I'm reading a 10-k where the employees are "team members" (seems like a popular trend).


My wife works for a software company and they've gone from industry specialized groups to "pods".

She's gone from a business analyst to a "customer care specialist" or something stupid like that.  ???


She knows the ins and outs of her clients businesses about as much as they do but CCS is more customer friendly and sounds appealing to customers.................I guess. 

HR tried to make her change her LinkedIn profile from Client Manager to CCS, she didn't  ;D

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Team members has an actual human ring to it.  My experience has been most businesses (at least that I'm involved with) have been going the other way and calling employees/people/workers "resources."  As in "I'm not sure I need as many resources going forward next quarter" translates to "I'll be firing a few of my employees"

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Yes, she also "allocates resources" to her projects.  ;D


I also worked at a company that changed the phrase, we missed our target to, we have an opportunity in the future.

The idea was to keep away negativity.  It just made us roll our eyes.

Be straight up with everyone, it seemed patronizing with the new language.

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