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Online MBA over $1,000 credit hour


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Hey all:


Was on the Yahoo! finance site and an add popped up for LSU online MBA program.


First, I am surprised that traditional "brick & mortar" schools are now starting to offer online degrees.


The second shocking thing was that the cost was $1,042 per credit hour!  There was an asterisk that noted prices could rise at any time.


I am going to assume that an MBA program would be at least 60 credit hours.


Who is thinking this is a good idea? Besides the school of course...  OVER $1,000 PER CREDIT HOUR?


I would think a good candidate for an MBA program would gauge the cost of their degree?


Of course, maybe I'm just a cheapskate.


Any thoughts?

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Georgia Tech is starting an on-line masters in computer science,




I share the opinion of the american people regarding these on-line degrees




The drive is to bring in dollars, not the quality of the education.

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