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GoodHaven Semi-Annual Report 2013

Guest hellsten

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Sigh, value investors sound so weak when talking about macro. These guys claimed to avoid paying attention to macro and yet couldn't help writing this.



Further, we are deeply skeptical that the world’s monetary authorities can

“quantitatively” ease their way to sound economic growth – not because we like

economic forecasting, but because history and mathematics – two powerful

bedfellows – appear to be on our side. If printing money were the answer to

economic ills, poverty would not exist, hyperinflation would never have happened

anywhere, and “garden variety” recessions and inflations would never be a future




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I still prefer Fairholme, no matter how much these guys took a lot of Fairholme's style to their new fund, some of the investments just don't appeal to me like HPQ and the Gold miner... but hey they'll do just fine with their long term strategy. But they'll never be as cool as Fairholme!

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