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2012 SoCal Mediam Home Prices up 19.6%


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Nationally, CoreLogic reported that home prices were on a sharp upward trajectory in November, with almost all states posting gains that month. The firm's home price index report, also released Tuesday, showed that home prices nationwide increased 7.4% year-over-year.


Los Angeles Times: Home sales picking up (video.)

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That is great. My daughter bought a place in West Hollywood in March 2012, and she maybe got in at the bottom. It was an REO and she got it for 42% of the previous sale.


Maybe I made all the stupid moves in real estate and she'll have nothing but good luck.


I moved to Silicon Valley in 1976 and never bought, only rented.


In Dallas in 1984 when I sold my house I had to write a check at the closing :(


I have been in my current house since 1985, but we have torn down, rebuilt, and remodeled so much over the years I'll have a loss whenever I sell.

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