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Debt Service and Debt to Income ratios


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Thanks for posting plan.


Where did you find that graph?


It would be interesting to follow the debt/income ratio-maybe an indication of how long interest rates should stay low (as per Dalio, we can grow/inflate our way out of the problem by keeping interest rates lower than economic growth rate).


It looks like we re going in the right direction.


How low do you think they want to get to- 95% like the 2000's or 70-85% like the 80's?


Mind you, it will not help us pick stock- interesting non the less-and another indication that things are improving.


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The graph of the decline is quite symetrical, just a quick look shows about 3 years to bring the debt to income to 2000 equivalent and 6 years to get back to the 80's. Why oh why would someone buy 10Y and 30Y bonds?


Anybody has the equivalent for Japan?



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