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Well, that I did wonder,... about the percentage rate of female readers/investors of this board here.

It has struck me to surprise at Sanjeev's shareholder dinner at the Fairmont Royal York,... that we are here almost ~98% guys,... maybe I can recall seeing only 2 or 3 female attendees. Or maybe it was only my impression. So to me, private, semiprofessional or professional investing seems to be unfortunately still only some male domaine.


At the FFH AGM were of course some more female attendees,... probably at least over 10%, or maybe even higher 20%,... but you would have to correct me. I guess most female attendees came from the nearby financial firms at Toronto's Bay Street. After the AGM, I did spot at least Prem's wife Nalini standing in the lobby with friends and family,... greating people. Sanjeev said once, that she also cares to ask him how his business is doing.



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Now now guys, there are some famous female value investors out there.


Yeah,... but sadly, if you would ask me for names of female hedge fund founders,... I could currently only recall knowing that Joel Greenblatt's sister Linda Greenblatt/Gordon runs a hedge fund called "Saddle Rock Partners". And there is also Lauren Templeton, a niece of Sir John M. Templeton.


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Now now guys, there are some famous female value investors out there.


This may be one of the funniest posts I have ever read.  A famous female value investor?  Hilarious. Perhaps you are thinking of Lynn Tilton of the infamous Christmas cards of years past?  In all seriousness, we could use some female blood among the ranks, but I really can't think of any FAMOUS female value investors.  There's Lisa Rapuano and . . . hmmm.  Lisa has done well and that's fine, but if she was a baseball player she would be someone like Nelson Cruz or Tyler Clippard or someone like that.  A minor star is what I am trying to get at.

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By the way,... speaking of outstanding female ladies in financial business.


Lauren Templeton was in Toronto last April.


Prem has introduced her at the Value Investing conference at the Board of Trade, First Canadian Place.


Here is a link with more information:


Of course Mohnish was also there, as was Jeff Stacey, Tom Ward, Marc Bertrand, William McMorrow, Richard Garneau.


Here is Lauren Templeton's

Power Point Presentation (PDF-file)

April 25th, 2012 - Toronto




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