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regular blind valuation challenge?


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I've seen a couple of Geoff Gannon's blind evaluation posts and thought they were neat (incidentally, is he popular for any reason other than that he's a good blogger, e.g., is it based on a record or some other notoriety that I am unaware of?). 


If I were to put up some fundamental data of a company, without its name or current price, would the board be interested in valuing it blindly as an exercise?  For example, I might take the relevant data from a ValueLine sheet or some other source, either in a spreadsheet or a screenshot of some sort.


I was thinking of doing it weekly or bi-weekly, if people were interested (and assuming I don't get lazy about it, I doubt I would if people really liked it).


Let me know!

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I think this would be a great experiment.  As a novice investor I probably wouldn't be able to actively

participate (at least in the beginning), but I know it would help me and the other rookie investors watch

and learn the process of how more experienced investors go about valuing a company.  I find that with

myself I often start with a company name, its market value and any preconceived notions I may have about

the company or the industry and work backwards through the financials.  I know that my method may lead

to a biased conclusion and your idea of a blind exercise may help me and others learn how to approach the

valuation through the other viewpoint. 



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