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Cuban Takes on Sports Reporter


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I'm no fan of Mark Cuban, but I love the way he tore this sports reporter up.  Cuban knows his basketball!  Cheers!




I'm in the same boat with you on this...not a lover or hater or Cuban, but love the way he made Skip Bayless look like a rank amateur.



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You should reconsider. Have you read his story http://blogmaverick.com/2007/12/24/success-and-motivation/. Skip Bayless is usually annoying but I think he does it for the ratings and Mark Cuban put him in his place which was nice to watch. I was surprised ESPN uploaded the video though.


I've read his blog in the past.  He's kind of a douche and then sometimes he's pretty good, so it's a love/hate thing.  His investment in Facebook and his past short in Fairfax make me wonder about his abilities...I'm prone to categorize him alongside Paul Allen as another "accidental billionaire"...and when you throw enough money around, you tend to get lucky.   


Regarding ESPN showing the video, I was also surprised.  Bayless' colleagues certainly didn't step up to his defense, which was equally interesting to note.  Cheers!

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