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I found a couple of interesting (to me anyway), TED videos.


Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce.

I think at the root of his talk was knowing what you want versus actually what you want.  He's an interesting speaker, pretty charismatic and endearing at the same time.  I had never heard him speak until watching this video last night.


Peter Donnelly, how stats fool juries


The first bit of the talk he goes over some probabilities of the coin flip.  It's a different angle that the fact that your odds never change from 50/50, no matter how many similar flips preceded the next.


You may just want to skip through the first bit until somewhere around the 13 minute mark where he talks about the case of multiple sudden infant death.  He speaks to the probability and stats involved in a case against a mother with 2 sid deaths.  Somewhat morbid topic but I found the math interesting. 



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