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Hotel in Omaha

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Anyone has hotel reservations in Omaha, but won't be able to make it?



That's mean A_Hamilton!  ;D 


Buffett_Groupie, check Expedia or other sites for hotels in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  It is two minutes across the river from downtown and the Qwest Center (is it still called that?), and usually there are rooms there even a couple of weeks before the Berkshire weekend.  I usually stay at either Harrah's or Ameristar, which are both very nice with lots of restaurants, and very close to the meeting.  Cheers!

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I have a hotel for Friday night at the Sleep Inn near the event at 2525 Abbott Dr., Omaha, NE


I will be staying there but would be willing to have a roommate to split the cost ($150 per night....considering prolonging stay til Saturday night as well)...


PM me if anyone is interested in splitting these costs

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