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For Those Interested in 3-D Printers


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Truly will change the way alot of things are done in the future.  Cheers!






Beware, 3-d printing will be the next Napster -- "the Napster of manufacturing", period!

3-d printing will be somehow a preceding technology in the human evolutionary chain that might lead to "STAR TREK The Next Generation" type of "replicator". A printer, replicator, synthesizer or whatever you would call such a future machine, filled with cartridges that hold basic chemical elements or DNA. It will create copyright and royalties questions in never seen dimensions, and it will be so disruptive that it will surely distroy companies moats. Just in its infancy, personal 3-d printing technology already shows the same disruptive potential as Napster. Broken dishwasher part? Download illegally the relevant CAD file of the broken part and now print it out in plastic. Funny thing,... hasn't money become obsolete in the Star Trek:TNG federation world and only the kinky Ferengi traded in Gold-Pressed Latinum. I have a thesis  ::),... the napstering of everything through this replication process!


ZCorp's 3D Printer replicates a wrench


ZCorp. Homepage






3D printing @ Wikipedia



Replicator (Star Trek) @ Wikipedia



Timeline/History of Printing @ Wikipedia




The next Napster? Copyright questions as 3D printing comes of age




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I've given up on trying to figure out "the future"...it's in the "too hard" pile. However, it's cool to simply stop being as analytical as we value investors tend to be and just marvel at the technology. The "print" of the woman's head was remarkable.



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These 3D printers become available for $1,299 at the home consumer market.


Cube 3D Printer @ cubify.com



Manufactured by 3D Systems, Corp.



3D Systems, Corp (DDD) @ Yahoo! Finance




Girls going crazy with Cubify replicated shoes...

Girls love shoes, especially when 3D printed...

Here is a funny video...  ;D

Watch Out!

We might soon seen swarms of college girls cloning Chanel high heels.




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