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Forbes article -> Warren Buffett's $50 Billion Decision

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Forbes has a new article from Buffett:


Warren Buffett's $50 Billion Decision





Warren Buffett: Photo from the Early Years


The Buffett Family in circa 1962.



WeB's Wedding Day



WeB on vacation in jail,...only some funny photo ;)



WeB with Susie

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Wow, amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Well,... here's also some nice picture of Prem & his wife Nalini,... not sure if people know her. At least Sanjeev has high regards for her. He said that she always asked him each year at the FFH AGM how he is doing and how the funds are.


I guess this is the wrong message thread, but anyway... here is some pic from last October 2011.



C-IBC’s Diwali gala. @ the 8th annual Canada-India Business Council gala.

Shashi & Sunanda Tharoor with Nalini & Prem.

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