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Mild quakes in downtown LA


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A 100 billion insurable event Buffett estimated would cost them 3-4 billion dollars. Fairfax would probably be in the 600-800m range if we go by 15-20% max exposure to any individual event from the ORH conference calls.  Only about 12% of Californians have earthquake insurance, A 100 billion dollars worth of insurable residential damage would roughly equal 832 billion overall residential damage. Hope that helps.

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FFH is in the commercial business so aside from the California Comp. business would they have any exposure at all?  


I am asking, not telling.  



Page 10 of the Crum&Forster 10-k states that, for the past 3 years, earthquake coverage has represented between 5.2% and 6.6% of the total property gross premiums written.




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