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Bill Ackman - Pershing Square 3Q 2011 Shareholder Letter


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The link (http://www.scribd.com/doc//Pershing-Sqr-1Q-2Q-2014-Investor-Letter-1-1) doesnt seem to be working.  Do you mind reposting the link?


Sorry about that. I've updated it above, and here it is again:




btw, if anyone has just the PDF version, I'd really appreciate it. I hate how Scribd makes it impossible to save anything, even if they don't actually own it.

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Does anyone have a good idea on what he plans with PSH?  Is it just capital for his hedge fund or is he going to acquire companies?




I believe it is just permanent capital to be invested in his regular funds.


PSH was formed over 2 years ago and has attracted significant assets (some LPs converted their regular stakes).



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