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Value Investors Club now defunct?


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I wonder what's happened to the Value Investors Club...the club that used to give out $5,000 prizes each week for the 'best idea'.  At the beginning of the year, they changed the contest to bi-weekly (award given to best idea for each two week period), and the last time they awarded any prize was in November!!  Also, the club seems to be less active, with lower quality ideas, and participants don't seem to be asking the tough questions.  Has anyone heard about what's going on?  I wonder if the markets have also taken their toll on the sponsors of the club?  :-\

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I was invited several times to join, but humbly declined.  Other than this board and occasionally the Motley Fool BRK Board, I don't go anywhere else...otherwise too much group think.  Even here, I encourage everyone to think for themselves and don't let member's content influence your decision making.  Cheers! 

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