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Deep Capture New Story


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I have been following the good Dr. Byrnes journey down the rabbit hole with great eagerness over the years. I first purchased FFH when the assorted miscreants had pushed the price down to $100.00 and it was the purchase of FFH which lead me to this web-site and quite a few good things have followed from that. I urge all investors to take the time to read his latest series of installments  and to contemplate  the implications for the future of the markets if the criminal nature of these activites goes unchecked. I have to admit that at times reading this story I was depressed and even scared which I think is a natural response if the story is even 10 percent true.


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Just started reading this. The allegations are definitely wild. How credible is any of this?


Well, they haven't been sued yet!  ;D


Many of the relationships have been covered in other stories by them or other journalists over the years.  Some of them I have no idea.  Cheers!

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Should this be required reading for everyone on this board? At worst it is entertaining, at best it is downright depressing and scary.


I would tend to dismiss much of it IF I was not familiar with the whold FFH story.


The fact that Deep Capture has not been sued only lends credibility to their claims.


When you make public accusations naming names, giving specific dates, and details you would think that the ‘victims’ would not hesitate to take legal action to defend their reputations. After all we are talking about the most litigious nation in the world and these guys are no strangers to the courts. Just today we see another attempt to sue Fairfax once again with another seemingly frivolous lawsuit to distract from the main lawsuit. 


Is it just unfortunate that the mainstream media have not done stories on Deep Capture as well as the accusations they make.


Or then again, is that simply more evidence of what Deep Capture is saying?

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