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Charlie Munger's DJCO Buys More Stock (in two foreign manufacturers)


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Charlie Munger's DCJO just released their new 10Q. DJCO has bought stock again, this time in two foreign manufacturers.


During the second quarter of fiscal 2011, the Company bought shares of common stock of two foreign manufacturing companies. 


http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/783412/000143774911003184/djc_10q-033111.htm under liquidity and capital resources

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My guess it's something Li Lu owns, since Li runs the Munger family wealth (or at least some of it) and seems to influence Munger.


I honestly don't see how this or the past 10Q precludes the purchase to be BYD...but I really have no idea what exactly he is buying, just think it's interesting Munger's back at allocating capital at DJCO.

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So how does that rule out BYD as one of the two Foreign manufacturing companies added?

That's what I thought ???


Charlie is already invested in BYD through Berkshire and by being invested in Li Lu's fund. He's on the record on being keen on China and Hong Kong stocks. Don't see any reason why he wouldn't buy BYD for DJCO if it's such a high-conviction pick. The real question I think is what's the other stock? If it's manufacturing, it may be another HK-based company.

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