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and purposely had at least one misspelled word.


Purposely misspelling words?  I'm sorry, this baffles me. I like the concept of not spending a lot on an expensive editor or on an expensive website designer, but I'm more impressed with someone who creates a nice product on the cheap rather than someone who purposefully degrades the product for the appearance alone.  This is expending extra effort to make the product worse.


Of corse, maybe im rong and mispeling is more bettr, and




real estate







But I don't think so.  You don't need to spend any more time nor money to make something easier to read and run a spell check before you print.  Saving time and/or money I get, but I don't get inefficiency for inefficiency's sake.




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We went out of our way to make it look like we did the letter not a big advertising firm.  We also made a donation of $50 to the favorite charity of the first person who spotted it.  It got folks to read instead of throwing away.

Too many want things flashy instead of practical.  When you send out a newsletter, you want it read and hopefully give new info to your clients and prospective clients (and generate new business).

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