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Poll On Website Format


Please Vote For Your Selection!  

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  1. 1. Please Vote For Your Selection!

    • Current format is fine
    • Only "General Discussion"
    • More boards

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Hi Folks,


There was an earlier poll started, but only 25 people out of nearly 400 members have voted.  So, I'm asking you guys what would you like to see.  I'm personally of the opinion that this current format works well...as we have predominantly BRK & FFH shareholders, and then there is a broad discussion on many other subjects and investments.  But I will go with the majority on the decision.


- Do you like the current format (BRK, FFH & General Discussion boards)

- Do you want just one board (General Discussion)

- Do you guys want more boards 


Please vote, so I can make a more reasonable estimate of the users wishes based on a greater number of ballots.  Thanks very much!




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I would add a 4th option which would read "Since I'm able to access this much knowledge for free, I couldn't care less"


Of course, this option would not provide much useful information for Sanj, but it would be interesting to see how many folks voted for this option...besides me.





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I like the everything on one board because then I can scan the topics and choose the ones I am interested in.  In addition, many threads that start out as FFH or BRK discussions then move onto other topics.  Thx for setting this up it is great.



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Many thanks for all the effort on this new home. It's so much better than MSN and I suspect it will be less hassle for you once all the work is done. The only problem I can see with separate boards is when "fringe discussions" take on a life of their own. For example, are discussions regarding Canwest Global, FFH issue or are USG posts related to BRK? Or are they simply general discussions unless either company is mentioned.


Regardless, we'll all adapt. I'm with Crip.....all this info is free. Who cares!





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I think you've got roughly the right format.  There is a fine balance between having too few fora with an enormous number of unrelated posts, and having too many fora that each have a very precise subject and nearly no activity.


From my perspective, the MSN board was occasionally too broad.  People who really only cared about BRK couldn't find the BRK posts among all the other excellent discussions that we had.  I really like the current format of providing separate areas for FFH and BRK, and a general discussion.  My expectation is that the general discussion will will be the most active and interesting of the three fora.  It's exactly this sort of free-for-all that enables the sharing of ideas.


If we find that there is too much noise, you could always create additional fora in the future?

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I agree with StubbleJumper, and voted to keep the current format.  It will take a little time to know how and where the discussions go, but what you have is a great start.  If we find certain sections are unused, you can always fold them into another relevant section, or put everything into the general discussion heading.  I think in time the activity of the board will reveal if we need more or less subforums, but the current structure seems right to me for now.





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