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Yes you can't use simply, http://  without the www. It must be, either http://www.berkshirehathaway.com or www.berkshirehathaway.com  Also you might want to check out mozilla's firefox.  Its a better web browser in my mind & safer. 


It can be downloaded free via:




or directly from:



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My friend, I would have liked to take a pint or two with you tonight in Toronto.  :'(


Please have one for me. I hope that we'll not have one virtual, but real one day. Maybe we'll meet one day at Markel AGM?


Have a really nice trip in Toronto, a good meeting with our fellows members of this board and a good AGM tomorrow. Please make sure to meet Prem in the hall after the AGM. He's a friendly person.



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It is too bad you were unable to attend. I am jotting down some mental notes taken from the dinner/meeteing but in the meantime I do have a story for you. I was sitting across from a gentleman whose name escapes me. He is a lurker on this board who hales from So. California and manages his own money as some funds for others as well. After dinner was over he looked over at my nametag and said "You're Crip?"...apparently he was able to figure out that "Stephen Crispin" is "Crip". Anyhow, after I answered in the affirmitive he remarked "I agree with a lot of what you say. There's another guy, Partner24, who I agree with a lot as well". I resisted the urge to complement him on his character assessment talents and politely thanked him for his nice comments.


So, in some small way, you were there in spirit. All the best.



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