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Pastor Barry Cops Plea Deal!


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Barry Minkow, the ex-con turned pastor, who ran the "Fraud Discovery Institute" seems to be making a plea deal for his insider trading of Lennar Corp. 


This is just another scum bucket domino I've talked about for the last few years that is falling, along with many others we've seen in the news in the last couple of years...from Spyro Contogouris to John Gwynn...the light is finally shining on their activities.




There is another very well known ex-con turned reformed criminal who I expect the light to shine on also at some point.  This so-called expert actually funded some of Minkow's investigations.  Even Whitney Tilson used Minkow's "expertise"!






As I've said before, how you conduct yourself and who you associate with says alot about a person's character.  Cheers!



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It sounds like he is getting off awfully light . . .




Do we think this means he is cooperating in one of the naked-short-and-distort or the major insider trading case? He seems tangentially involved with both, but I'm not sure he would make the most compelling (believable?) witness . . .

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Thanks for the video.  I had not seen that one.  He called it the OJ Simpson trial of the financial world.  I would say that between the Overstock.com and Fairfax Financial cases, this will be the biggest story since Madoff.  If the jury finds favor for either of those two, then it will be a huge story.  Of course, I don't expect Herb Greenberg, Roddy Boyd, Peter Eavis or Bethany McLean to comment much on it!  Cheers!

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