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Parsad - look out!

Guest Bronco

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Maybe it is short lived, but the Flyers are #1 in points. 


That Vancouver showdown may come to fruition.  And we just beat those stinky, smelly, nasty bunch of little girly Penguins from Pittsburgh.  No better gift for the holidays (with a cordial beating of the Montreal losers as a little extra bonus)

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with a cordial beating of the Montreal losers as a little extra bonus


Bronco, you punk  ;)


Scorecard baby, scorecard...


Les Canadiens de Montréal:


The Canadiens have won more Stanley Cups than any other franchise. They have won 24 championships, 22 of which being since the cup became solely competed for within the NHL in 1927.[5] On a percentage basis, as of 2010, the franchise has won 25% of all Stanley Cup championships contested after the Challenge Cup era, making it one of the most successful professional sports teams of the traditional four major sports of Canada and the United States.[6]


The Flyers' all-time winning percentage of .576 (as of the end of the 2009–10 season) is the second best in the NHL, behind only the Montreal Canadiens' .591 winning percentage.[1]


Source: Wikipedia.org


So, who are the losers now?  :P





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Understand that in Philadelphia you learn to trash talk when you can, since opportunities are scarce.


And I thank our friends up north for bringing the greatest sport to the states.


However, biggest sports news is the Phillies and cliff lee.  Alot of talk around here on that

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