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New Players, Ties Surface in Trading Probe


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Leaves me wondering if SAC is one of the ultimate targets in these investigations.  Drive around with a can tied to your tail long enough and people start to notice. 


Curious what this is doing to SAC's business,  redemptions, credit, etc.  No one is going to want to see their ass_ets caught trapped in a long term probe, or subject to seizure to pay off fines ad lawsuits.  This is taking a long time to play out. 


By the time the FFh lawsuit is settled there wont be any cash left. 

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I wouldn't worry.  Prem's ultimate goal is to be proven right, not monetary...that's just icing on the cake.  If SAC is the target, and the government runs them out of business, I don't think Fairfax will be heartbroken that they didn't get a settlement or award.  Cheers!

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