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Quite a Good Interview With Patrick Byrne


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Very good interview on Benzinga with Patrick Byrne.  He really lays it into Cohen, Milken, Cramer, etc.  Alot of the stuff he said in the past about Cohen, which he was ridiculed for, is coming out in the recent investigations.  It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.


Make sure you listen to the podcast, which is at the top of the article.  The mic is a bit shaky, but the transcript leaves off alot of stuff, and doesn't really give a good idea of the context of many comments.  Cheers! 



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Guest ValueCarl

Online retailing at a ten percent growth rate better than the US economy. Pretty good for Overstock fans!


Some good lines in there also, about worms inside the rotten core of our ship, and "turtles all the way down" the system for implementing change against these criminal thugs. Schumer and Shelby mention, but no "ICAN" today. That WOLF is not missing from their PACK, you can be sure!


Deep Capture has another bomb shell soon to be released by Mitchell, etal. 


As for Cramer, the most incriminating tape of him, is still not being referenced nor addressed yet. That's the one where he blatantly admits while lecturing on a podium in Manhattan to Wall Street's best and brightest, about his personal insider trading of names including ENRON, and HEALTH SOUTH. imo



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