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Amount of FFH in your portfolio

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We all admire the investing prowess of Hamblin Watsa and majority of us have made money in FFH. Let us do a poll to see what percentage of everyones portfolio is in FFH. I would have done a similar one for BH but I dont own BH in any shape or form now.


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Guest longinvestor

I've taken everything else out of the market. I think FFH is not only a good investment in it's own right but a hedge against sudden market shock.


Right on! This thread underscores another thread I started on "diversfication and the value investor" a few months back. I certainly had FFH in my mind as I started that post. As of now this poll shows that >50% of those polled hold >10% of FFH in their portfolio. A few have virtually all their eggs in the FFH basket. This discussion would not be complete without considering how much FFH during the 2002-06 time period. Mine was "not nearly enough". FFH has pretty much done all the heavy lifting of returns for me for a whole decade which includes the greatest capital market meltdown of our lifetime. And it looks to be a great investment still! Amazing.



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