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Overstock.com Conference Call


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The webcast replay should be available in a while, but you've got to listen to this thing...in particular the Q&A period.  You have to wonder if analysts actually do any work, or do they want management to do it for them?  I cannot comprehend why any rational company would go through the whole rigamarole of dealing with these guys...especially if you don't need financing in the public markets.  This one Bank of America analyst...he pretty much wants them to pinpoint exactly what their margins will be and their cost structure going forward.  Geez!  


On another note, Jonathan Johnson and Steven Chidester both did a good job!  Incidentally, the broker/dealer trial is scheduled for September 2011.  Cheers!



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Don't know what will happen.  It's kind of like a call option on Overstock and Fairfax.  If they win, shareholders will probably get some sort of settlement, or it will be dragged through Appeals court for years.  With all the stuff regarding naked short selling, hedge funds, brokerages, etc, public sentiment is favorable.  We'll see.  Cheers!

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