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Vancouver, B.C. Board Gathering


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Over the last few years, I've often had offers from people to get together here.  Sometimes I try and meet people individually, but it becomes difficult. 


I was wondering how many boardmembers would like to meet here in Vancouver, BC.  I know there is probably at least ten or more people in the area who have asked to get together before.  It will probably be somewhere local in mid-May.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Cheers!



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Why not just meet at BRK annual? I'll be there, anyways.


Unfortunately, I won't be going to Omaha this year.  Going to Toronto next month and Vegas in early June. 


The gathering here is more for people to just get to know one another, and for me to meet with several people who wanted to have lunch or coffee and things just haven't happened.  I figured why not do a larger get together where everyone can meet, talk and network.  Cheers!

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