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Deep Capture- New Judd Bagley Video


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I had a couple of questions when looking at this:


1) Were there other instances of massive short selling for firms which did NOT effectively go under?


2) Looking at this as objectively as I can, there is not CONCLUSIVE evidence of cause and effect? Now I would not ever take the side of illegal short sellers (naked short sellers) but can we state with 100% conviction that Bear or Lehman would still be going concerns had the short selling NOT occurred? I do not think we can state this with 100% conviction.


The points made in the video are quite legit, but I would like to see this dug into even deeper. If the Hedgies do have the SEC in their pocket (which I believe is true), then it will take either a massive story on 60 Minutes story or a Moore documentary to compel the SEC or other govermental agencies into action.



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Look at a chart graph of the fails to deliver relative to the share price. I think you will see more conclusive evidence. I don't have the time to find it for you, but i believe this chart is also available within the deepcapture site.


You may find this very recent article interesting too.





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