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US Rail Freight Carloads


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My youngest son and I are driving a motorhome from Iowa to Anchorage and I have been amazed at the amount of truck and rail traffic we have seen on this trip.  No statistics only our observations.


P.S.  Since he is 40, my wife says I'm no longer allowed to say I'm middle aged.  ;D :D ;) :)

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Bookie - if you live to 100, then you are middle aged.  Don't get rid of that title.  1971 is your son's birth year?  A lot of smart, good Americans  born at that time.

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No, he was born in 1969.  71 was my highschool football jersey number. I am a CPA and many of my clients call me the "bookie", I added the 71 since many boards seemed to have a "bookie" already, but so far noine have had a "bookie71".


P.S.  Our oldest was born in 1962, but I couldn't be that old.  ;D

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"Compared to August 2010, grain carloads in August 2011 were down 18,423 or 17.1 percent, and coal carloads were down 11,747 or 1.7 percent. Excluding coal and grain, U.S. rail carloads in August 2011 were up 26,362 carloads or 3.7 percent over August 2010."


Tried to find some more info about why grain loadings are down so much but couldn't. 

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