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List of known Value Investors


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I thought this would be a good thread that can be updated over time. Why not make a list of all available known Value Investors and their known AUM if it's available. It would be an interesting exercise to ascertain what percentage of large AUM is managed according to the principles of Graham & Dodd.


Here are the ones I can think of:


1) Warren Buffet - Berkshire Hathaway - $200B Market Cap

2) Bruce Berkowitz - Fairholme Fund - $15B AUM

3) Seth Klarman - Baupost Group - ?? AUM

4) Joel Greenblatt -

5) Michael Burry -

6) Prem Watsa - Fairfax Financial

7) Mohnish Pabrai

8) Sardar Biglari

9) David Einhorn?

10) Bill Ackman??

11) David Gottesman

12) J.P Guerin

13) Bill Ruane

14) Whitney Tilson ??

15) Eddie Lampert - Sears Holding/ESL

16) Li Lu - LL Partners/Himalaya

17) Zhao Danyang - Pure Heart Fund

18) David Tepper?

19) Irving Kahn

20) Charles Brandes

21) Michael F. Price

22) Martin J. Whitman

23) Christopher Browne - Tweedy Browne

24) Charlie Munger!



Lets keep the numbering going it will serve as a good point in the end :)


Also if you can fill in the AUM's that would be wonderful.


These are the ones I came up with just now. Lets be super selective and not put guys like Daniel Loeb who will say they are Value Investors at times but really are a different breed of investor.


I think we should also place their age!

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Guest Bronco

I think it should be noted that there is a difference between value investing and Buffett (and others).


Mutual fund managers that are value investors may be a little more handicapped that some others.  For example, Buffett can buy a whole company and extract all the cash.  Bill Miller can't do this. 


My point is keep in mind the guys that are passive vs. guys that are active.  Seems like Berkowitz can fall into the active camp with his REIT deal. 



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