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Warren Buffett's Personal Portfolio

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Good article.  Thanks Ballin.  Interestingly, WEB's personal

portfolio reportedly amounted to @1% of his total wealth 8 to 10 years ago. Now it's up to about 5% including only US stock holdings, not including foreign stocks like Posco.  This implies that he has generated @ 20%+ after tax returns in recent years while the S&P 500 has gone nowhere.  Good job Warren.  How many other long only fund managers managing large portfolios have done as well?

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The article by Robert Miles does not make sense. Buffett says that over 98% of his net worth is in Berkshire (in 2009 annual report, released March 1st). It is impossible that <2% of Buffett's assets are worth $1.8B, because this would mean that Buffett's Berkshire holdings should be $90B, which is obviously wrong.

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