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Buffett's Salary Still $100K, But Security Costs $300K!


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I'm sure Buffett enjoys his life immensely, but the amount of security that the poor guy requires these days is crazy.  It must be tough living like that...I'm sure other celebrities have the same problem.  Cheers!




Sometimes, the best security really is obscurity.

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Guest ValueCarl

There's a great deal of integrity contained in this sentence. Quite amazing, actually.


<In 2009, both Buffett and Munger reimbursed Berkshire again to cover any personal costs, such as postage or calls the company may have paid for. Buffett paid the company $50,000, and Munger reimbursed Berkshire $5,500.>

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A very odd sounding quote...




Buffett Follows ‘Avarice’ Warning by Keeping $100,000 Salary


“He can’t help but earn money far in excess of any possible need for it,” wrote Buffett, who is also chairman. “But it’s important that neither ego nor avarice motivate him to reach for pay matching his most lavishly compensated peers, even if his achievements far exceed theirs.”



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Jeff Bezos security detail costs 1.6 million/year though salary is fixed at 81840.


Jeffrey P. Bezos


  2013     $81,840     $ —    $ 1,600,000 (2) $ 1,681,840  

Chief Executive Officer


  2012     81,840     —    1,600,000   1,681,840

  2011     81,840     —    1,600,000   1,681,840



$300,000 sounds pretty cheap compared to Michael Dell who pays $2.7 million for his security.


Maybe because BRK shareholders are happy while there are plenty of ex-DELL shareholders who got screwed when Dell took DELL private!

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