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Build Back Better Act changes to Roth IRA


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So from what I can tell:


Rules for Roth IRAs greater than $10m or $20m will not take effect until tax year 2029. 

If there is a forced distribution it will be 'qualified' so no tax on the distribution even if you are 20 years old.  

It only applies to "high income" so you can keep $5b in your Roth IRA as long as you don't make more than $250k as married filing separately or $400k otherwise.

I won't be forced to divest my Dhandho-Holdings because they've dropped the prohibition surrounding private placement investments

I won't be forced to divest my PDH because they've dropped the 10% owner prohibition for Roth IRAs



In other words, these rules won't apply to me because I don't make $250k.  It doesn't matter if I make tens of billions in my ROTH IRA.  That only becomes an issue if your day job pays you more than $250k if you are married filing separately or $400k otherwise.


Am I misunderstanding any of this?




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