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Build Back Better Act changes to Roth IRA


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So from what I can tell:


Rules for Roth IRAs greater than $10m or $20m will not take effect until tax year 2029. 

If there is a forced distribution it will be 'qualified' so no tax on the distribution even if you are 20 years old.  

It only applies to "high income" so you can keep $5b in your Roth IRA as long as you don't make more than $250k as married filing separately or $400k otherwise.

I won't be forced to divest my Dhandho-Holdings because they've dropped the prohibition surrounding private placement investments

I won't be forced to divest my PDH because they've dropped the 10% owner prohibition for Roth IRAs



In other words, these rules won't apply to me because I don't make $250k.  It doesn't matter if I make tens of billions in my ROTH IRA.  That only becomes an issue if your day job pays you more than $250k if you are married filing separately or $400k otherwise.


Am I misunderstanding any of this?




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And when married filing separately, I figure I can establish an investment account in my wife's sole name and gift her appreciated shares to sell and then file "married filing separately" in order to keep the gains off my tax return.  No?  Would that work?

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