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Tiny Corp - We Commerce - Andrew Wilkinson Vehicles


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Like Francis Chou, another good friend of mine, Andrew Wilkinson who founded Metalabs, has developed his own wealth creation vehicles:


One is Tiny Corp (https://www.tinycapital.com/), which acquire digital/non-digital businesses utilizing a fundamental analysis approach not dissimilar to Mohnish's unsuccessful idea from over 20 years ago...Digital Disruptors.  Andrew is slowly building up a treasure of businesses, and in my opinion will be the wealthiest person in the city of Victoria one day, if not British Columbia.  He's young, ambitious, driven, extremely talented, a contrarian and executes flawlessly on his ideas. 


His second vehicle is We Commerce (WE.V) which monetized a number of Shopify-related companies he owned and they are looking to develop/acquire more of these businesses under WE.  


Again, he has succeeded in an old idea of applying fundamental analysis to the technology business and is succeeding.  I've never seen someone acquire businesses (big or small) in such rapid succession, and he has the cash flow to continue doing so.  As fast as his development has been, he shows immense patience...he's been trying to develop these vehicles for years, doing substantial research and ground work...then finally launching.


What's fascinating about Andrew, is that he has that Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk moxy.  He will make money in good times or bad times, whereas many of us distressed value investors will sit on cash when valuations get high.  Andrew just mints money...period!  Another great long-term case study.  Cheers!  

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I was wondering, does anyone have a hunch about the drivers of WeCommerce’s recent underperformance? And in particular relative to Shopify’s performance? It seems to me that after Shopify Unite when Shopify lowered the revenue share that they charge developers, that should have been good news for WeCommerce... and WeCommerce seems to be executing as they said they would... thoughts?

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