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Hurricane Ida


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Losses from Katrina were around $125B...Ida looks to be stronger than Katrina!  Berkshire usually accounts for 5-8% of such losses...Fairfax usually gets hit with 0.5-1% of such losses.  I wonder if the area/levies have been reinforced to withstand Category 4 hurricanes better after the Katrina experience...we'll soon find out!  Cheers!



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I don’t think Berkshire would be on the hook for 5-8% of a gulf super cat today. They are way smaller in that business now. 

Also, if levees break it causes a flood, which would be largely a federal flood insurance / FEMA loss. 

If this storm can weaken over less populated areas and move on out it may be less costly than Katrina.  

But, yes, the Federal Government spent a fortune improving the levees and flood gates that protect New Orleans since Katrina. 

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