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24 minutes ago, Arski said:

For the people who are interested. I just shared a post about what make CEOs great and how to recognize great CEOs.

Link: The Outsiders (wixsite.com)

Thanks for posting your summary. 

Goes well with what Buffett said yesterday about the CEO being the biggest risk factor for a company. 

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Posted (edited)

Having read many of these types of books, namely, those looking retrospectively at someone/something that worked well, they miss the salient point imo. 

The point that's missed, amongst the good and logical points, is simply that what happened was that the idea/person was doing something different than most of the people were at that time, not now. 


Related see Halo effect. 


It's not that what's being espoused doesn't work, it's that what tipped the scale was the originality. 

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