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Absolutely Must Hear - Deepcapture Podcast!


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I know that people are on both sides of the fence when it comes to Patrick Byrne, Judd Bagley and Deepcapture.com, but I thought this podcast was quite amazing!  


Not long ago, Judd Bagley who runs antisocialmedia.net "friended" a bunch of journalists on Facebook under an alias, and found that many of these journalists were friends with various analysts, hedge fund managers, etc.  This is nothing new.  I had seen that John Hempton and Joe Nocera were Facebook Friends in the past, and I've seen other relationships between analysts and fund managers.  We've all already seen the emails John Gwynn had forwarded to Kynikos regarding Fairfax.  


Judd subsequently released a video discussing these relationships, and all hell broke loose!  Suddenly, all the people Judd was trying to tie together went public with various attacks, including that Judd had put their children at risk, that he was a pedophile, etc.  Some of these guys were Gary Weiss, Sam Antar and Barry Ritholtz.  


Ritholtz was invited to a radio talk show to talk about his book, but planned on talking about Bagley during the interview.  The radio interviewer decided it would only be fair to have Judd on there as well to respond to anything Ritholtz accused him of.  Ritholtz tears into Bagley and pretty much calls him a pedophile on the air.  When the interviewer brings Bagley in to respond, Ritholtz bails after vehemently crucifying Bagley on the air.  Not just slowly dissipates from the air, but this guy runs!  


This is the type of excrement that Byrne is dealing with.  I know that there are plenty of people who disagree with the way he's pursued this, and at times I've wondered the same, but this is the low-life scum that exists out there and is helping to manipulate stock prices.  A must hear...Bagley does a very nice job setting up the whole scenario.  Cheers!



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Guest ValueCarl

It must have been difficult for intelligent life forces who were no doubt brought up to be honorable, dignified gentlemen who engage controversy with a guarded tongue and certain level of respect, to have mustered up the kind of courage Byrne, etal, have up until now.


At the same time, one can see how more honorable men looking on from the outside within their comfortable worlds might tend to judge this in a less than accepting manner.


I guess there needs to be further raping, plundering and pillaging of honor, integrity and traditional ways of life including respect of individual rights extending to ones families as well as personal property, before Dr. Byrne's work will be truly appreciated.


Patrick Byrne, along with his crew are patriots, and deserves the thanks of all honorable men who they stand for while confronting EVIL.


On Wall Street, there is no honor amongst thieves. Is it any different in the investment circles which caravan around their core? If not, the status quo should be fine then. If so, be thankful for Dr. Byrne. imo 



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Hmmm....they publicly declared that the guy is a pedophile?  Well on the bright side, at least they didn't send an anonymous letter to the man's church claiming that he's a fraud artist and stealing the church's funds.  On that basis, it appears that their tactics have strangely become more honourable....


What a bunch of slime-bags!

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