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Ignore Politics Section


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How do I do this?


1) Go to "Profile"

2) Go to "Ignore Boards Options"

3) Click on "Politics" board (check mark in box)

4) Click on "Change Profile" button at the bottom


Done!  Enjoy the peace and quiet in your "recent posts" list.




Thanks wabuffo, feel better already lol...

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I've never posted or read anything in the politics section.

If you do find a post there (and you will), the topic was moved into that insane asylum by admins.


I have however, learned a lot by the many posts that I've drafted, but never uploaded to other sections of CoBF.


9 times out of 10 (random bullshit number) the draft gets abandoned.

10 times out of 10, I go further in researching an investment than I otherwise would have.


I highly recommend this method.

It forces you to think things through & then evaluate your thoughts.


Random pithy comments notwithstanding.

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