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Buffett´s exercise to stay healthy


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I read in a recent Buffett interview that Buffett is running 25 minutes per day as a sport exercise.

This looks pretty smart, because it´s good for your heart, lung (Corona), for your mind and for losing calories etc....


I´m actually thinking about doing the same.  ;)


Any thoughts?

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"But he has recently been pretty religious about spending 25 minutes a day on a treadmill, something he does while watching the evening news.


“All you guys who used up your muscles and joints when you were young, I carefully put mine away in a box when I was 6 to save them for old age, and I only pulled them out a few years ago,” he said. “They’ve never been used.”


OK he is 25 minutes a day on a treadmill.... Perhaps I should try this.  ;)

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