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Looking For A Charlie Munger Lecture


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Hi All,


So last week I was doing a one on one training with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and he must have brought up Charlie Munger at least 5 different times over the course of the 10 hours I spent working with him.


Then two days later, I am doing some work with a group of protesters from Beirut and they also bring up Charlie Munger. So for whatever reason Charlie Munger is in my space and I'm rollin' with it!


On Saturday I am again doing some work with protesters in Lebanon and on Sunday I am leading an all day leadership program for about 2,000 people both in Beirut and in the Middle East. Some of these people are pretty powerful world leaders that I am working with and up to some extraordinary things. Unfortunately, I have pretty strict confidentiality agreements otherwise I'd be raving madly about some of the amazing things these human beings are up to in the world.


A lot of them really admire Charlie Munger interestingly enough, and, am looking for any good speeches/lectures from Charlie that you'd recommend someone already pretty sophisticated in the world of business and also leadership/making a difference to listen to. I am most likely going to use a few clips or passages to support the training if I deem it necessary to go there this weekend.


There is no rush - I lead programs around the world all the time, it's just another thing in my arsenal to use. However, what I really do admire about Charlie is his ability to synthesize principles from different fields and cross polinate them. One of my partners John does that with grace and ease and it's truly an incredible learning experience to be in a conversation for 4-5 hours at a time with someone operating from that space.


However, I would love to hear what your favorite Charlie Speeches or Lectures are. Would make a different for me and will spend the day tomorrow (as well as next week) reading through what you guys recommend.


Thank you all in advanced for your contributions, it make a huge difference for me.




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This one is from 2017 and is fairly good.



In my opinion, there are 2 Charlie Mungers. 


1. The quiet demure one that sits next to Warren.  [Why?  Because that is the Warren show, and CM knows that he is the side kick and he plays his part.] 

2. The real CM is in independent interviews, and he talks non stop.  Wicked smart, well read, informed opinions, a smidge of arrogance, and does not share the conversation.  CM will control the conversation because he has so much to say.  BUT, I usually don't even want to hear anyone but CM.  Whip smart.  And he is honest about his mistakes.  He knows that he wasn't born perfect.  He has gotten so successful thru his hard work, intelligence, and learning from mistakes [his own, and those of others.]


Here is another one that is a bit older:



If you are pressed for time, this is a very good commencement speech and intro to CM's thinking:




I will leave you with a CM quote:


I’d rather throw a viper down my shirt front than hire a compensation consultant.

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If you're trying to use some of CM's ideas in your training programs, you are wise to do that because there is a treasure trove of multi-disciplinary concepts that he has imparted his wisdom on.


Here is a commencement speech he gave at Georgetown Uni which distills his key messages to young graduates.



The FS blog also has a nice summary of that speech:




I consider much of WB's and CM's speeches the modern-era Bible, Quran, and the Bhagavad Gita of a capitalist geek. I wonder whether if any investor in the post-dot com world will surpass the vastness of wisdom that CM and WB have accumulated. 


I've always wanted to know from CM which of his best ideas he has destroyed. And, would they destroy the idea of value investing in this low-interest and unconventional monetary stimulus-driven economy where the force of gravity (i.e., interest rates) does not create mispriced opportunities between debt and equity markets as they used to?  What would you ask Charlie?

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